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       To define brand-dew DY and GY electric-hydraulic transmission technology, we can say: with benevolence like water, this technology well fits in customers’ demand.

       ◆ Independent R&D centre: One of the Biggest hydraulic couplings manufacturers in China.
       ◆ Undertakes the National Torch Project-High Efficient Energy-saving Hydrodynamic Couplings program: Hosting High efficient energy-saving hydraulic couplings program, provincial Hi-tech enterprise, National Excellent Private Tech. enterprise, and National Torch project-Key Hi-tech enterprise.
       ◆ Leading technology: develops the Guangdong advanced hydrodynamic technology R&D center, has become the one of the leaders in the hydraulic transmission industry nationwide.
       ◆ Reliable: unique DYC electric –hydraulic flexo transmission & driving technology, five features: clutch coupling, flexo coupling, soft start, stepless speed regulation, overload protection.
       ◆ Good quality: one-stop service to solve key problems in mechanic transmission and driving process (soft start with workload, dynamic workload harm, torque restriction, stepless speed regulation.)
       ◆ High efficient: compared to traditional mechanic transmission and driving technology, our products are 30% better in energy-saving.

       DY, GY Electric-hydraulic transmission & driving technology, is a perfect combination of machines and electric control system, up to now the best electromechanical integrated driving technology. As it can be applied to various sectors, not only to motors, but also can be applied to combustion engines including diesel engines, gas turbines, and other power engines including wind and water: traditional sectors like coal-mining, steel plants, ports, cement factories, fire power plant, and also ocean engineering, ships, special vehicles, high speed railways, track transportation, new energy vehicles, modern agricultural equipment, paper, food, textile, rubber and other sectors. 

       DY, GY electric-hydraulic products are more competitive ones with good quality but also competitive price, comparing to VFD products, CST driving and other permanent magnet products, say, only 1/2, 1/3 or 1/4 to those products mentioned above.

       Up to now more promotion work of Electric-hydraulic technology needs to be done as it its current popularity is less than 1%. As the domestic market demand is huge, the future is promising. 

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